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(b)The Lexus RX isalso by a large margin, America’s top-selling luxurious utility vehicle.

During the first five weeks 2017, Lexus had previously offered 38,329 copies of this RX350 and RX450h at the USA. Most competing luxury crossovers will not make that lots of revenue in most 2017.

However Lexus desires more, and also with automobile sales diving — Lexus automobile sales are down 29 percentage up to now this season — there is no greater way of adding quantity compared to expanding the utility automobile division. Lexus has released the NX to sit down under the RX, also it is a hit that was verifiableon. However, LX and the GX in the peak of this Lexus SUV/CUV stack add only quantity.

So, Lexus is readying a three-row variant of the Lexus RXand also a natural match given that the RX’s links to this three-row Toyota Highlander. This we all knew.

Currently, according to reports out of Japan’s Mag-X, we also understand that the seven-seat Lexus RX will arrive in the Tokyo in late October 2017.

There has been no lack of clamoring among Lexus dealers to get much more family-friendly RX. (Although it remains to be seen whether any roofline alterations will create the three-row RX really favorable for families) Lexus’ Jeff Bracken affirmed at the spring of all 2016 which a three-row RX would arrive at America in overdue 2017 or ancient 2018 while admitting behalf of Lexus traders a high amount of impatience.

“They’d just like to get it today,” Bracken informed Automotive News. “But I believe that they’re quite relieved they are aware that it’s coming”

Lexus’ automobile series program remains unconfirmed. There were reports earlier this spring the Lexus RX that is three-row will be unveiled in April in Shanghai.

This wasn’t.

Nonetheless, the date where Lexus expected to be selling seven-seat RX350s can be quickly approaching, which makes a Tokyo advent more prone. Given the American Significance of That the RX, we can Hope to see That the RX at the time That the Los Angeles Auto Show rolls about in December.

Now we can not hope to see, nevertheless, a Lexus RX with drastically differentiated styling over the three-row variation. So as to keep the powerful RX link Lexus so badly desires — “We will embrace the RX title,” Bracken said past year — the seven-seat RX must appear just like the RX. “We put a lot of energy to the styling you observe today that we did not need to compromise with the next row,” claims that the Lexus general supervisor.

Furthermore, do not anticipate a Plus or Grande or even Max badge over the RX’s tailgate, either. At Japan’s hybrid guise, Mag-X claimsthat the seven-seat RX is going to be known as the Lexus RX450hL.

Sound familiar: L is that the letter Lexus uses to symbolize this brand LS sedan’s versions.

The seven-seat Lexus RX could have been available currently had Lexus not ascertained the RC coupe had been a priority. “In hindsight, even if I had been making this  choice 10 decades past, watching what I see now, the three-row [crossover] likely might have been the greater drama to figure out initially,” Toyota’s North American CEO Jim Lentz stated a couple of decades back. Lexus has offered 30,471 RCs in its own 2.5-year lifespan thus far, though revenue are far less than half as powerful now as they had been two decades back.

Anticipate larger long-term stability together with all the three-row Lexus RX, that will keep the standard RX’s wheelbase however comprise an elongated back overhang and an increased back window.

[Photograph: Mag-X, through Autoguide]

Timothy Cain is currently a leading analyst in The Truth About Cars and and also the founder and former editor of all Practice Twitter @timcaincars.

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