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July 13, 2017

Dead, or Just Sleeping?

Volkswagen of America Drops Touareg By 2018 Lineup (**************).

Volkswagen Slovakia Werk Bratislava - Image: VolkswagenA Interesting 1, respectively630 duplicates of these Volkswagen Touareg were marketed in the USA through the first half an 2017.)

It is so unlikely you’ll see that the Volkswagen luxury SUV’s lack currently that Volkswagen has made a decision to get rid of the Touareg out of its own (****************) U.S. lineup.

Originally reported   Motor Trend yesterday, Volkswagen’s choice to stop the Touareg has been verified to TTAC by Volkswagen of America spokesperson Jessica Anderson now. “Our focus on its 2018 model year will be your all-new Atlas and redesigned Tiguan.”

What’s your Touareg completed, or even only completed for today?) Volkswagen of America will not say.

The Touareg’s discontinuation would not be surprising at all if it were not for the simple fact that utility vehicles of every stripe are the rage nowadays.

By your Honda HR-V, a Mexican-built Combination that fails in many places generating a list quarter between April and June, into the Mercedes-Benz GLS-Class surging toward a record year of  greater than (**********************************), respectively000 earnings, Americans desire SUVs and crossovers. Over 40 percentage of U.S. automobile buyers are currently not automobile buyers whatsoever — they are SUV/CUV buyers.

However that does not imply automakers are not capable of presenting failed theories. The Acura ZDX created just 6,118 U.S. earnings throughout its four-model-year conduct, neglecting due to suspicious design, restricted viability, and Acura’s pricing hubris. The Kia Borrego has been a badly manicured full size SUV — less compared 23,000 had been marketed between 2008 and 2011.) Even the Toyota FJ Cruiser has been in demand in the beginning, but earnings tumbled by three-quarters involving  its first-year summit and 2014. Then there is the Jeep Patriot, that died because it had been a unnecessary twin of the Jeep Compass. 2017 Volkswagen Touareg interior - Image: VolkswagenThe Volkswagen Touareg wasn’t a hit in the USA, but it did not start as an abject failure. Practically 28,000 Touaregs were offered in the USA at 2004, the Touareg’s very first complete year of U.S. accessibility.

However, the decrease was instantaneous and unpleasant. Touareg volume fell in five successive decades, stirring 84 percentage involving 2004 and 2009.) The second-generation Touareg caused a measure of retrieval, but in 2012 — the very best year  because 2005 — just 10,553 Touaregs were marketed in the us. By (******************), the U.S. Touareg earnings were down under 5,000 components. Touareg volume isalso, has been, on course to fall into over 3,000 components 2017.)

Audi marketed over just (***********************************),000 duplicates of this Q7 in 2016.) Porsche USA averages greater than just (****************************************),000 yearly Cayenne sales.

What’s the Touareg demonstrated so rare for such a long time, whether provided using a V10 petrol or some gas-powered V8 or (*****************) 3.6-liter V6 or some other powerplant?)

its own present base cost is 50,405.) ‘Nuff said.

A all-new third-generation Volkswagen Touareg is expected in 2019, however, will the very same problems persist when the Touareg have been to create its way straight over the Atlantic? It is not like the Touareg can be easily positioned by Volkswagen along with this Atlas that is inexpensive and big.

However in case Volkswagen of America would like to have  a second shot in the top SUV market, there’ll be a third party Touareg from the international Volkswagen Group portfolio where the U.S. branch can predict.

(s)Volkswagen’s Anderson couldn’t “provide information on anything model year 2018 at this time.”

In case Volkswagen Canada’s feelings about the Touareg are anything to go by, however, that the Touareg certainly appears to be completed in North America, and not merely for today. “There is going to be a brand new Touareg which will be showcased in the Frankfurt Motor Show later this calendar year,” Volkswagen Canada spokesperson Thomas Tetzlaff states, “nonetheless, which won’t be sold here, as we’ve chosen to devote our resources into the newest Atlas.”

(b)Based on Tetzlaff, Volkswagen considers the Atlas is far better suited to the Canadian industry.

In only two weeks, Volkswagen of America has sold 4,023 duplicates of this admittedly less expensive Atlas, stock of that is still revved up. Volkswagen traders haven’t made that many Touareg earnings from the past (***************************************** months.

The second-generation $26,245 Volkswagen Tiguan arrives with three-row accessibility this summer. Volkswagen is going to at least maintain the Tiguan at its lineup.

(1)[Images: Volkswagen]

(1)(*******))Timothy Cain is currently a leading analyst in The Truth About Cars and Autofocus.ca and also the founder and former editor of GoodCarBadCar.net. Follow Twitter @timcaincars. (***).
July 13, 2017

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