The Sweet, Dirty Music of Expansion: C/D Is Growing (******************************).

(***********). In the August 2017 problem

As I compose this letter, reciprocating saws and nail guns are cacophonating from the background, which makes the candy, filthy music of growth. We have blown outside the north of the office to carry over the next two distances, including just a little breathing space for the ability we have been recorded on the electronic side–such as the amazing Rich Ceppos, returning to C/D later (************************************* years. You will know why if you’ve visited our site lately. We are in the process of transforming from the industry’s best and most comprehensive news-and-reviews site to what we’re sure will be its best and most comprehensive automotive decision-making tool for shoppers and enthusiasts alike.

To set numbers to items, we have gone from measuring roughly 20 automotive characteristics within our testing, the majority of them dynamic (zero-to-60, cornering traction, audio amounts), to assessing over 200–what from external visibility (crucial in those fulsomely pillared instances) to location and number of USB ports (another must in these days of kids in the rear seats searching for places to charge their phones).

Our latest order of business was supposed to add vehicle listings, displaying new- and used-car inventory to coincide with your research. Technology teams and our goodsalong with the partners Jumpstart Automotive Media, in our network, made it. We’re bad, we’re nationwide. And we are going to be adding functionality and more tools to take you all of of the way from awareness of a vehicle.

There’s precedent for this. Back in the days before the web, when the crust of the Earth cooled, our magazine wasn’t only the authority on cars, it was a type of shopping tool. Back in the days of newsstands, readers would grab it by the light of burning tallow, the preview and then retire to read, off the rack. Then they’d come back the next month to read said car’s street test, then the comparison test. It took months to find the entire story.

Now, with the time compression afforded by digital media, you can research, compare, and, ultimately, trade your vehicle and make a deal online in a week. Our rebuilt and re-platformed site will pull those tasks into one cohesive experience which allows you price and to discover your vehicle, on the device of your choice, on your schedule. Along the way, we all will be there, providing you with the sort of testing for and the recommendations for feared. Should be fun.

July 20, 2017

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July 20, 2017

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