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Something common to a number of our favourite performance vehicles recently, in the Chevy ZR2 pickup truck into the Ford GT supercar(**), now will be that the shocks — that they utilize Multimatic DSSV damper technology. It was only on the Chevy Camaro ZL1 1LE that we slid a week ago. The tech is. However, what the heck is that it?

To estimate the maker, “DSSV dampers utilize accuracy spool valve technologies to supply the maximum degree of both damper predictability, precision and repeatability in regulating petroleum flow and so, damper curves”

A damper, exactly what I and you could predict a shock absorber, is just a tube filled with petroleum having a significant metallic plunger at the center. The plunger goes up and down in the tubing, impeded in its upwards (jounce) or downward (rebound) traveling by the depth, or viscosity, of the petroleum within — and from the orifices through which the oil will be induced.

Ah, that the orifices. They make the gap at just a DSSV damper up. The majority of shock absorbers about the majority of cars utilize shim dampers, or what’s called disc valving that is deflected. Because the fluid in the jolt is pushed down or up from the plunger, the consequent force triggers the disc(s) to bend, or distract, which enables the fluid to pass through the tubing as well as the wheel to move up and down in a controlled manner. There is more than 1 disk involved. DSSV dampers thrust on their fluids through gaps in valves in the damper as a sleeve slides up and up to them. Sleeve slides, orifices open. Sleeve slides upwards, orifices shut.

cutaway and non-cutaway Photo from Multimatic


about the Camaro ZL1 1LE we slid a week ago, you will find just two spool valves each damper, one commanding compression, 1 rebound. Over the Camaro, the DSSV dampers “…integrate pairs of particularly tuned, piston-mounted spool valves to an aluminum-bodied, camber- plus height-adjustable strut damper system designed to be lighter, stiffer and quicker…”

It also runs pretty much the exact same way in different programs.

“DSSV dampers modulate oil leak through precisely molded ports,” Multimatic describes. “All these ports, along with the setup of different components included in the flashlights, empower detailed shaping and optimisation of this damper’s force-velocity curve”

In case you would like your damper to consume small bumps but tilted up for bigger bumps, or even vice versa, you also alter the magnitude and shape of these gaps, or even orifices. DSSV damping is predictable and tuneable, or at least simpler than damper technologies like discs that are discs. The damper isn’t flexible for example electronic or magnetorheological devices, once the installation was tuned.

“DSSV damping features are statistically predictable with Multimatic Specfinder applications,” Multimatic describes. “Ideal damping features can be correctly duplicated without detailed trial and error testing.”

Thus suspension contractors could pretty much name the features they need at a damperand plug it in the Specfinder program and possess the laser etchers open their orifices.

Just like all fantastic engineering, DSSV came out from rushing. It was commenced in Champ Car in 2002, in which it won five championships. It made its approach to F1 in which it had been present over the year winners at the 2010-2013 FIA World Constructors’ Championships together with Red Bull Racing. Multimatic dampers were about 25 of this 60 admissions at Le Mans final year, featuring three of their four group winners. It Is on everything in DTM to Mazda MX-5 Automobiles. In Road cars, it Is about the Aston Martin One- Year77 and Also Mercedes AMG GT.

So now you understand. Start looking for DSSV about a vehicle close to you, if DSSV is suitable for you, and ask your physician or pharmacist.

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