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Motorcheck Used Car Guide: Nissan Micra

Motorcheck Used Car Guide: Nissan Micra

(Block)Motorcheck Used Car Guide: Nissan Micra

Period developed: 2002 to 2010

Bodystyles: Little five-door hatchback


What can it be?

Nissan Micra 4Nissan is only from the process of starting the Spanish Micra, and it’ll be available in March of this year. That looks as good a time as any to return in one of its predecessors but that creates student drivers a purchase that is terrific.

That one should I purchase?

Nissan Micra 1The third production Micra (K12) gained slightly bizarre bubble-car styling, however gained a far roomier, high-quality cottage compared to its predecessor. After the mixing of Renault and Nissan, it had been the Micra to discuss a chassis in this instance the Clio. Those worried that may signify we will handle the particulars downward although a dip in reliability should not worry but that the Micra is a matter that was dependable. Additionally, it is quite flexible in the cottage versions had a seat that may slip back and forth, which means you can make the boot a bit bigger or provide a more to seat riders distance.

The cottage was a really large excellent area to be, together with buttons and highlights picked out at while, Bakelite-style vinyl and comfortable chairs also.

Many were sold using some 65hp 1.2-litre gas engine, which might fight to pull on the peel in your banana but it is a smooth small thing, and quite ideally suited to this Micra. There has been a 1.0-litre engine also, as well as 65hp, however, it’s less torque compared to the 1.2, so that its operation is not as great. Either engine is economical consistently among the most significant points of the Micra. You should easily have the ability to receive greater than 45mpg from motor, and also the 1.0 edition is almost always a great one for anyone seeking to maintain their insurance bills down. There is a 1.5 diesel Micra also, but hardly any were offered in Ireland, and that means you’re going to need to shop around if you fancy one. It does a simple 60mpg, however, therefore it is a fantastic option for all those seeking maximum frugality.

The Crimson12 Micra has been facelifted in 2005, together with new color options and marginally altered bumpers, and also in 2007 however neither shift was notably Earth-shattering and the automobile stayed basically the same during its existence. Higher versions could be needed, lately, with Bluetooth phone link and air conditioning, however for the large part this is really a automobile that is fundamental, supposed to be inexpensive to purchase and operate. And it is a powerful performer. Several have and will soften the Micra like being a ‘granny’s vehicle’ or with particular sat-nav that guides one into the bingo hall, but it is really a much superior machine than that roomy, dependable, comfy and closer to push than you would think.

Just how much should I spendmoney on? In the area of $6,000 must be sufficient to get a low-miles 2008 automobile.

Here is one we discovered:-LRB-*****)

2008 Nissan Micra 1.2 SXE with air conditioning , 95,000kilometers, 1 owner, $2 5,950 by a franchised dealer.

What exactly goes wrong?

Nissan Micra 2hardly any, is that the obvious reply — Micras have always been famous for their reliability and also the cortex12 is not any different. Several have had boot locks, that had a tendency to changing replaced therefore it is well worth checking to see whether the vehicle you’re considering has had that. Early cars have to have their motor management system corrected to avoid the battery by running regularity. Ignition systems may cause the engine even though the adjusters for your timing chain have to be inspected to create certain they are doing their job, failing. Electricity can be caused by air flow meters . Door window runners require and may rattle fixing, while the radio switch itself off and could create a annoying glitch. While the airbag light is just down to a cord self-cancelling indicators do not. For any reason, if they were replaced the Micra could chew through a pair of brake discs quickly check to determine.

Something else?

Nissan Micra 3You will find two variants of this K12 Micra of that you have likely never heard. The C+C has been a Micra and you will struggle to find one. Even more difficult to find is that the 160 SR using all the 111hp 1.6-litre motor, that was the only try at a wearing, ‘warm hatch’ Micra — it is really pretty great to drive, but still great luck tracking down one.

And if you have found your ideal Micra do not neglect to do it history assessed by


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