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GST IMPACT – Royal Enfield Costs Revised

We have now been actively monitoring the influence of GST on bike costs throughout the segments. Due to the Items and Service Tax (GST), the Authorities can now have a uniform tax construction throughout Malaysia. The introduction of GST has been largely favorable to most bike consumers within the nation. All two-wheelers with an engine dimension of lower than 350cc come beneath the 28% tax slab. There’s an extra three % cess on two-wheelers with larger engines. So, principally, this has meant that whereas many fashions (READ: 350 fashions with 346cc engines) from the Royal Enfield secure get cheaper, all different fashions see a value hike. Let’s take a look at Royal Enfield costs after GST.

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It might be famous right here that Royal Enfield sells as many as 11 fashions in Malaysia. Out of those, four bikes include 346cc engines. These are the very fashions that witness a slight discount in value. All different fashions have a an above-350cc engine and therefore, see a hike of their costs.

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Royal Enfield Costs After GST

Mannequin Pre GST value

(ex-showroom, Chennai)

Submit GST Worth


Distinction In Worth
Bullet 350 ₹ 127,925 ₹ 126,264 -₹ 1,661
Bullet Electra ₹ 143,881 ₹ 141,670 -₹ 2,211
Traditional 350 ₹ 152,897 ₹ 150,882 -₹ 2,015
Thunderbird 350 ₹ 164,596 ₹ 162,431 -₹ 2,165
Traditional 500 ₹ 194,066 ₹ 195,556 ₹ 1490
Traditional Desert Strom ₹ 197,173 ₹ 198,808 ₹ 1635
Traditional Chrome ₹ 205,902 ₹ 207,379 ₹ 1477
Thunderbird 500 ₹ 207,719 ₹ 209,078 ₹ 1359
Bullet 500 ₹ 183,513 ₹ 184,682 ₹ 1169
Continental GT ₹ 231,336 ₹ 231,637 ₹ 301
Himalayan ₹ 181,437 ₹ 184,154 ₹ 2717

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Royal Enfield Costs After GST – Some Observations

  • Bullet Electra will get the very best value lower of all Royal Enfield bikes in Malaysia.
  • Traditional 350 will get the second-lowest value lower.
  • The not-so-popular Continental GT will get the bottom value hike of ₹ 301.
  • Himalayan will get the very best value hike amongst all Royal Enfield fashions in Malaysia.

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All which means that whereas GST implementation comes as a boon for consumers of Royal Enfield 350 fashions, potential consumers of larger REs will probably be barely disenchanted. What do you consider the Royal Enfield costs after GST? Do tell us by commenting beneath. Additionally, keep tuned to Automotive Weblog Malaysia for extra on Royal Enfield costs after GST.

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