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October 20, 2017
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2019 Audi A7 Sportback goes gentle hybrid with new 48-volt major
October 20, 2017
Do You Have A Serpentine Belt? What's That?

Do You Have A Serpentine Belt? What's That?

Do you could have a serpentine belt that drives every thing on the entrance of your engine?

A serpentine belt is the lengthy belt with all of the little * notches * on the underside.

It goes across the crankshaft pulley, the facility steering pulley, the alternator pulley, the air conditioner pulley, and the water pump pulley.


It’ll in all probability have an loafer and most undoubtedly has a tensioner.

The tensioner does simply what it says.

It’s what retains rigidity on the belt, to maintain it tight.

You don’t have to loosen any bolts and pry something to tighten this belt!

It’s a good suggestion to test this belt typically.

It’s also a good suggestion to alter it after about two or three years.

In spite of everything, if it brakes, or slips and eats all of the tooth off, you can be working on the battery.

o The alternator won’t work.

o You’ll not have energy steering.

o The air conditioner will cease cooling (if it's winter time, who cares?).

However, worst of all, your water pump will cease working!

The engine will warmth up so quick you’ll not know what's occurring!

Verify the belt typically.

When you are checking the belt, how about having a look on the pulleys?

Particularly the loafer and the tensioner pulley.

o One of the simplest ways to test these pulleys is to take away the belt and rotate them along with your finger.

o If you happen to hear a * roaring * noise, change it.

o If the pulley has a * roughness * about it as you flip it, change it.

Okay, so that you need to take the belt off and examine it.

How do you get the factor off?

On the tensioner there’s a gap, nicely, probably not a gap, however a sq. gap.

It’ll both be a three/eight "or half" slot.

Some have a bolt head from half "to three/four".

After which, there are exceptions: as you take a look at the tensioner it is possible for you to to inform what YOU have.

Put the suitable software on the bolt head, or contained in the slot, and pull up on the software.

If that isn’t the correct manner, push down. 🙂

Both manner, it’s a must to get the tensioner to maneuver off the belt so you possibly can take the belt off one of many pulleys.

I normally have higher luck eradicating it from the alternator.

Both manner, after you have it off one of many pulleys, you possibly can launch the tensioner after which the belt may be eliminated.

Pay VERY shut consideration, earlier than you take away the belt, as to the best way it’s laced round all of the pulleys.

It takes lower than 5 minutes to take away this belt … however it may well take 5 hours to get it again on appropriately … make a drawing or examine the diagram.

Some, and most, automobiles have a diagram of the belt instructions positioned someplace below the hood.

Could also be on the underside of the hood, or on one facet of the car interior fenders.

Often it’s in a spot that makes it virtually not possible so that you can take a look at it as you are attempting to exchange the belt. 🙂

If both of the pulleys have to get replaced it's no large deal.

Simply take away the bolt, or bolts, holding them onto the engine.

Exchange them the identical manner.

Now, on the tensioner, there’s a little peg on the again facet.

Align it with the opening within the block … it's there so you may get the tensioner again on proper.

Exchange the belt, and that's it … nothin 'to it!

Oh, was your diagram lable caught on up-side-down? 🙁

You probably did an excellent job, although; and I knew you might. 🙂

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