Autoweek Q&A: IMSA champ Christina Nielsen not Able to Play with the Girl card (************************).

The 25-year old Dane–girl of endurance racer Lars Erik Nielsenhas her start karting, climbing through Danish Formula Ford and the Porsche Carrera Cup before locating the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship GTD chair in 2015 and also winning a radical course championship at 2016.) We caught up with this No’s driver. 63 Ferrari 488 GT3 before this Chevrolet Belle Isle Detroit Grand Prix along with also her June yield to Le Mans.
AUTOWEEK: Everything worked to create 2016 for a powerful first year together with Scuderia Corsa?
(***).Christina Nielsen: On the other side, Scuderia Corsa understands what makes a great staff and things to try to win a tournament. For me personally, I heard that a whole lot the year earlier (using TRG-AMR), along with the feeling of directing a tournament, the strain that accompanies it. A female had not won a tournament like this earlier, but my very first season I walked right into it “It is so trendy to race in the us!” And suddenly I am directing the championship and I am like, “What is happening? It is my very first time!” I felt somewhat wealthier, in the feeling that we clicked within from the group, felt comfortable with each 27, the year.
AW: You have done a great deal of trailblazing, however did you have character models–female or male–that which you wished to emulate?
(***).CN: I had been the first woman to race at the Porsche Middle East Challenge, the very first Danish female to race in Le Mans (at 2016) and also the first woman to win a full-season specialist sports-car championship. I really don’t need to seem arrogant. It is not like I really don’t have character models … but that I had been in my own small universe. I was raised with a family which had been like, “Oh, why you still wish to do this? Let’s proceed”
(***). Nielsen at Belle Isle - pic 2

The No One. 63 Ferrari 488 GT3 renders the pits in Detroit in June. Photo from Steven Pham


(******).AW: It seems as if you’re somewhat shocked that you are charging ahead in this way.
(***).CN: Yeah, I still get amazed . I am like, “Can I do that?”
AW: having an IMSA GTD name, where would you go from here?
(***).CN: I adore being with Scuderia Corsa; my aim is to, with Alessandro (Balzan) and Matteo (Cressoni) along with Scuderia Corsa, to win the tournament again. However, for sure that the fantasy for me personally is GTLM. To be encouraged by means of a mill is a fantasy come true.
AW: Is Europe a portion of the fantasy, or do you prefer to remain in the States?
(***).CN: I would really like to perform one-offs round the planet including Le Mans or Spa, and also the Bathurst 12 Hours … but for a full-season app, I enjoy racing at the IMSA series on those tracks. It is a season that contains some races such as Sebring and Daytona, Watkins Glen and Road Atlanta.
AW: What can you tell young hopefuls–people–about their odds of making it occur?
CN: It is all about being realistic. You do not discount the simple fact that hurrying costs money, therefore it is about discovering your angle: What is likely to make you appealing to sponsors wish to do an interview. The reality is I really don’t like to play with the girl card a great deal, but my novel (that the Danish-language “To Dare to Dream of Le Mans”) is all about sex roles. The girl angle remains popular. I have. He was able to say “Christina Nielsen, just girl to acquire blah blah blah” instead of “Christina Nielsen wins blah blah blah” since I did not have the title to take that. He needed to place “the sole girl” So it is about playing with your cards using them.
(******).AW: And whether or not it keeps you at the vehicle, you are ready to do this.
(***).CN: To a point, yes. I adore what I do since my group treats me. Nobody is going easy for me since I am a girl, when I am behind the wheel. We are racing. They are rushing me difficult; I am rushing them challenging. The auto can not tell the difference. Nevertheless, in regards to promotion off-track, you haveta play with the cards you have. I am not saying I’d go post a lot of bikini photographs–that is not that I am.
AW: Perhaps you talked with some up-and-comers who mention you as a consequence?
(***).CN: People think of mepersonally, and they compose me social networking, but it is really frequently the parents. That is very important for me personally since the parents are where it begins. And if the kids show these examples such as me and say “Hey, Christina can do so, this is really cool,” then child might believe, “So could I.”
Steven Pham, (*********************************), which is a freelance photographer looking for their fantastic Nissan Figaro to import America. Watch his photographs at
(***). Christina Nielsen - pic3

Christina Nielsen states that the automobile does not know whether its a guy or a lady behind the wheel. Photo from Steven Pham

(*****). (b)July 19, 2017
Automobile finance will increase by 139 % in three years
Automobile finance will increase by 139 % in three years
July 19, 2017

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