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June 22, 2017
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June 22, 2017

Canadian Sniper Kills ISIS Goal From A Report Two Miles Away

Picture by Cpl Lou Penney, three PPCLI Battle Group/Canadian Military

A Canadian sniper shot and killed an ISIS operative three,540 meters away, shattering the previous report by greater than 1,000 meters. The Canadian Armed Forces confirmed the kill Thursday, saying a member of its Joint Process Power 2 made the shot in Iraq throughout the final month.

Due to safety causes, the identify of the sniper, actual location and date of the record-breaking shot won’t be disclosed, based on Canada’s Globe and Mail. Positioned atop a high-rise, the sniper used a McMillan TAC-50 rifle to take out the goal, which took lower than 10 seconds to hit.

Arguably probably the most correct .50 caliber system available on the market, the TAC-50 is a rotary-bolt motion rifle that’s fitted with a muzzle brake to cut back recoil. The U.S. Navy additionally makes use of the rifle, however it’s designated because the MK 15.


Right here is the TAC-50 in motion under:

“The shot in query truly disrupted a Daesh [Islamic State] assault on Iraqi safety forces,” a navy supply advised the newspaper. “As a substitute of dropping a bomb that might doubtlessly kill civilians within the space, it’s a very exact software of drive and since it was thus far means, the unhealthy guys didn’t have a clue what was occurring.”

Beforehand, British sniper Craig Harrison held the space report when he killed a Taliban gunner with a 338 Lapua Magnum rifle from 2,475 meters away in 2009. Earlier than him, one other Canadian recorded a kill at 2,430 meters away Afghanistan in 2002. And Canadian Grasp Cpl. Arron Perry shot an rebel at 2,310 meters throughout the identical operation, Globe and Mail notes.


The American report is held by U.S. Sergeant Bryan Kremer, who killed an Iraqi rebel at 2,300 meters in 2004.

Snipers are arguably probably the most feared troopers on the battlefield exactly due to pictures like this Canadian carried out. The sniper’s job is to make himself or herself invisible to enemies who normally do not know the place the shooter is positioned till she or he fires the primary shot—typically after hours or days of ready. Snipers are usually taught to maneuver to new areas as to make their place elusive. They work with spotters, who assist them modify their intention in case they miss and to observe the shot as it’s fired.


Principally, snipers are stalkers, as a few of them will inform you.

Whereas a lot of this stays confidential, I’d nonetheless love to listen to the backstory on this two-mile kill. We all know the sniper was supporting Iraqi safety forces underneath assault, however how lengthy did it take him to repair in on the goal? The place precisely was the rebel positioned when the shot was fired and why was this specific one taken out and never others? What number of tales excessive is the constructing the place the sniper shot from and the way far down did he have to regulate his shot to hit the goal? What make him suppose the shot was even potential? All of those parts, and extra, go right into a kill shot.

Up to now, we all know a person hit somebody from greater than two miles away, which is insane. Wherever the Canadian was in Iraq, ISIS might be scared shitless of him. How do you defend towards a two-mile shot in the midst of battle?


You don’t.

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