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Ford Cars

We can help you find any Ford car model you want. We will source through all our dealers, agents & network to search for the second-hand Ford car of your choice.

Here are some of the popular Ford car models that might interest you:


RM100,000 – RM200,000


RM120,000 – RM200,000


RM140,000 – RM250,000


RM100,000 – RM200,000


RM230,000 – RM330,000


RM260,000 – RM370,000


RM90,000 – RM190,000


RM140,000 – RM240,000


RM600,000 – RM700,000

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  • I was on a tight budget and didn't have the time to search online or call every seller. So I used Mywheels and they managed to find my dream car for me within 48 hours! For me Mywheels is the best Car for sale in Malaysia.
    Syed Faqih
    SEO Specialist

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