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July 19, 2017
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July 19, 2017


Since Tim Cain place it succinctly before this day, the seventh-generation Hyundai Sonata’s outdoor layout, arriving on the heels of this very visionary 2011-2014 version, did not put American’s hearts aflame.

Much as standard material increased as well as the model value proposal burned as brightly as before, its uniquely watered-down layout turned buyers off. Well, Hyundai needs its analogy heard clear and loud. For (********************), then the Sonata atones for its preceding generation’s sins by simply displaying up having some thing to check at.

Notably, a brand-new face. Oh, and about that end, today with ovals that are less? Even though fore-and-aft facelifts will be the trademark of a mid-cycle layout refresh, and the 2018 Sonata’s changes are not only skin deep.

2018 Hyundai Sonata Sport 2.0T, Image: Steph Willems/The Truth About Cars

Obviously, the very first thing that you will see is that the Sonata’s adoption of this corporate “cascading grille” found about the Elantra and its variations, such as the entirely redesigned 2018 Elantra GT. Flanked by air curtain ports comprising tell-tale piled LED the Sonata is endowed by the grille using heights of aggression.

Both the genetic characteristics persist outside back, since the Sonata’s once-yawn-inducing taillights currently mimic the slanted back lamps of the Elantra sedan. Back in Sport guise, a diffuser and chrome tailpipes combine the bumper. The outside improvements meld with all the sedan character lineup and have a little menace. Operation Banish the Boredom appears a triumph.

Indoors, a redesigned centre stack, using its economically segmented infotainment, stereo, and weather works, should please people enamored with neatness and arrangement. There comes even a touchscreen standard, as does Apple CarPlay along with Android automobile together with all the model. The Sonata steering wheel increases a level bottom for this allure, if you are choosing a Sport version. Try to prevent forgetting it is a five-passenger family automobile, please.

2018 Hyundai Sonata Sport 2.0T, Image: Steph Willems/The Truth About Cars

During a brief experience at the month Elantra GT initial push, the top-flight Sonata Limited 2.0T spreads its muscles on twisty Quebec streets, showing a vehicle with two different sides. For (********************), the last year’s semi automatic automated transmission vanishes from the Sport version, replaced with a brand new eight-speed unit. Smooth, having a propensity to upshift a bit too fast (except if from the “game” setting), then the tranny avoids the annoying gear hunting occasionally found in different units with higher cog counts. Irrespective of push setting, a right-foot-stomp provides 245 horsepower and also 260 lb-ft of torque fast to endure.

Something new for 2018 is electricity. The turbocharged 2.0-liter’s specs stay the same as previously, as does the 184-hp, 178 lb-ft 2.4-liter four-cylinder seen in lower extremities. The efficiency-minded Eco version, using its 1.6-liter turbo four, also stays put. Redesigned versions are under development.

Now, back into the Sport, because it is the only version we have examined. There was not time to get the sense of the new manner, which cycles through Eco Sport and Comfort styles as necessary, based upon the occupant’s way of driving of this transmission. It seems like a helpful instrument for motorists.

2018 Hyundai Sonata Sport 2.0T, Image: Steph Willems/The Truth About Cars

(1)Unseen underneath the Sonata is an beefed-up back suspension which admirably tamed the exceptionally irregular sidewalk of backwoods Quebec. New bushings, 21-percentage thicker trailing arms at the trunk, and also a 12-percent stiffer torsion bar in the steering round out the managing enhancements. While being chucked around, the Sonata felt predictable and stable, with minimal body along with a on-point steering sense.

Hyundai lists security as a high bragging point. All 2018 Sonatas carry blind spot tracking and back cross-traffic alert — that the many hunted security assistance, Hyundai maintains — as standard gear.   Lane maintain assist becomes accessible on SEL versions that are lower-run. (It is standard in the Restricted 2.0T.)

Also available for 2018 would be that the automaker’s BlueLink telematics platform that, as from the Elantra GT, is provided using a five-year, non invasive trial interval at Canada, three decades at the USA.

Since fresh Sonatas arrive in traders, buyers will not shell out that much more. A few, in actuality, stand to cover less. A foundation SE currently lists $22,935 following delivery up from previous year $22,435 decal. An Eco goes for 23,535, less compared to*********************)’s after-delivery cost of $23,970.) When having the maximum available power is not negotiable, then a Sport 2.0T currently prices $28,485, or on a grand over last year. The supreme Sonata, the Restricted 2.0T, shirts the scope at $33,335. That is significantly less than Hyundai’s 2017 MSRP record.

Can the new styling enhance Hyundai’s flagging auto sales? Likely not, since the economy’s headed in the opposite direction Hyundai can not grow. Can it excite interest from the Sonata itself, permitting the reliable nameplate to maintain its own in the surface of new-for-2018 competition from Toyota and Honda? Hyundai’s gambling on it.

2018 Hyundai Sonata Sport 2.0T

[Images: © Steph Willems/The Truth About Cars]

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